Why Choose Jutzi Fuels for Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

With generations of experience serving bulk customers, MacEwen Petroleum Inc. is uniquely positioned as a Canadian leader in the Diesel Exhaust Fluid industry. Serving a range of customers from national fleets to local truck dealerships, MacEwen provides premium customer service and the highest quality DEF available.

Whether you require packaged DEF or high-volume bulk diesel exhaust fluid, MacEwen offers a full range of services including the installation of customer bulk systems.

Don’t trust the longevity of your valuable diesel engines to companies selling non-certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid through non-certified meters. Trust the DEF experts. MacEwen sells only top-quality, ultra pure DEF, certified by the American Petroleum Institute. MacEwen is uniquely positioned to offer you the best Diesel Exhaust Fluid supply and systems available in Canada.

Total Customer Commitment

MacEwen is totally committed to the DEF business. Our significant investment in distribution allows us to effectively serve DEF customers throughout Ontario and most of Quebec – in major markets including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Our trucks are designed to only deliver DEF, which means quality and purity is guaranteed.

Our experts are dedicated to DEF and are focused 100% on this product. They are prepared to customize a Diesel Exhaust Fluid system that meets the unique needs of your business. If you are considering upgrading your DEF system, contact one of our experts to learn more.

Top Quality Product – MacEwen Petroleum Inc. DEF

MacEwen Petroleum Inc. is a Canadian DEF distributor with secure access to multiple supply points throughout Ontario and most of Québec. MacEwen DEF is certified by the API so you know our Diesel Exhaust Fluid is designed to meet diesel engine manufacturer requirements.

Thank you for your interest in MacEwen DEF. We look forward to hearing from you. For more information on MacEwen Diesel Exhaust Fluid, visit the Diesel Exhaust Fluid microsite, contact us or call 1-800-265-8593